What to expect


The Maritime Industry Expo will showcase South Africa’s oceanic, coastal and the inland waterways regions’ diverse offerings in competitive and innovative maritime industrial and service capabilities, together with the economic growth opportunities they present.

The Maritime Industry Expo is designed in a manner that it serves as the augmenting platform to expose learners, students, youth and job seekers to the different maritime industries and businesses and to the learning and employment opportunities in the sector.

Led by the GDE, the Maritime Careers and Jobs Expo, will be facilitated by Sci-Bono,  a world-class science centre that offers innovative, dynamic learning experiences that contribute to building South Africa’s science, engineering and technology capacity.


The learners will receive in-depth exposure to the different disciplines of maritime sector and exposed to the different career options and their entry requirements. They will engage industry experts.  The Expo offers the country’s only inland Maritime Specialisation School – Mohloli High School a unique platform to showcase and promote itself to the broader community of stakeholders and partners. 


There will be an education platform created for the nominated educators, education officials and governing body members; the 3 – day Maritime Masterclass will be conducted by maritime educators and industry experts in order to empower the participants with in-depth knowledge of the maritime sector, inclusive of, but not limited to lessons on global maritime economy, governing maritime regulatory frameworks, maritime curriculum dimensions, key stakeholders and the national maritime programme – Operation Phakisa – Ocean Economy.


There will be a Maritime Jobs and Employment Fair programme aimed at exposing the job seekers to the opportunities which the sector offers for employment and jobs. The job seekers will have the opportunities to be exposed to the various job creation and employment schemes largely offered by the Department of Labour and Employment.


This platform will mainly showcase books related to maritime stories, without excluding other material including youth literature and educational material. Readings and discussion will also be conducted.


To  demystify  the prevalent notion that maritime only refers to seas or oceans and broaden this understanding to include inland waterways, the venue for the inaugural Maritime Heritage Conference is in the vicinity of our iconic Vaal River:  

The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Quest Conference Estate, Vanderbijl Park, Emfuleni Municipality, Gauteng Province, South Africa. 

The Conference will initiate a coordinated effort to communicate the importance of our maritime heritage and current maritime endeavours.  

It brings together a diverse global array of maritime stakeholders and provide a unique opportunity for all to form new partnerships towards achieving a common objective: securing a sustainable future through a better understanding of our common maritime heritage.

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