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Advancing Maritime Heritage

About the Maritime Heritage Institute (MHI)

The conservation, archiving, exhibiting and celebration of our maritime heritage and resources shaped South Africa’s, Africa’s and the African Diaspora’s history, communication and growth to the diverse cultures and linkages to the world. Maritime heritage is the backbone for our commerce, aquaculture, agriculture, arts and culture, sports and recreation, mining and other societal endeavours and pursuits. 

Maritime heritage is the bedrock for beneficial partnerships in SA, Africa, the African Diaspora and the world at large. A cornerstone for collaboration with, among others, the South African Maritime Safety Authority, National Heritage Council, S.A Heritage Resources Agency, Transnet National Ports Authority and the Departments of Transport, Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Sport, Arts and Culture; ICOMOS; UNESCO; World Heritage Fund and other relevant ones locally and abroad.

Where To For South Africa’s Maritime Heritage?

“Develop & launch a strategy for maritime heritage in South Africa with a clear vision, economic development strategy and a South Africa maritime heritage destination plan.”

Sindiswa Nhlumayo (May her soul rest in peace), Executive Head: Centre for Maritime Excellence, South African Maritime Safety Authority

Maritime Heritage Lecture Fellows & Alumni

Bestowal of the title of Fellow/s  of Maritime Heritage Lecture & Dialogue Series on the people who would have had the honour of presenting these Lectures. Over time, a number of these would become the Alumni of the Series. These would, in times to come, be roped into, among other interventions, assist in our resources generation campaigns, by for example, lending their good names thereto.  


Nature Photographer

Patrons / Ambassadors 

These  prominent, heritage-conscious and interested people  would  play the role of  Patrons/Ambassadors of the  Maritime Heritage Institute and its  projects. 


These would graciously play the role of champions, or alternatively, Goodwill Ambassadors of  the  Maritime Heritage  Institute and its  projects

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